Playaway View is a Super Simple Video Player for Kids

Playaway View is a new portable video player designed for kids. This no-frills video player is all about being simple, convenient and durable. To that effect it features a built-in headphone jack along with speakers. It also comes preloaded with content, so there is no internet connection or download required. The Playaway View has been designed to be durable and scratch-resistant, so that it can hold up well with little ones. It’s also chargeable via standard AC adapter and the system can last for about 8 hours on a charge.

Playaway View is also meant to be super simple to operate with a very minimalist and straightforward interface. So far the Playaway has only been available for libraries, but that is about to change as it will soon be available for anyone to purchase. At launch it will be available with 100 titles ranging from Sesame Street, Weston Woods, and Spoken arts – these are just some of the titles that will be available. Pricing has not yet been announced for the Playaway view, but it will need to be affordable to compete in a market where mommy and daddy’s video layers are available for quite cheap.