Move Over Mr. Potato Head, EggBods Will Crack You Up

EggBods are adorable little Egg people that remind us a lot of the Mr. Potato Head series. Each EggBod has their own story, and kids can switch out their interchangeable parts (head, arms, and accessories) to make new EggBods characters. These little eggs are available as eight different mix n’ match collectible characters, which include the feared pirate, Captain Hard Boiled, the magical fairy, Tinkershell, the heroic Fireman Scramble, and more. Although our favorite EggBods are definately the upcoming Transformers inspired Eggtimus Prime, along with the classic Eggbot. The EggBods each retail for just $5.99-$8.99 and aren’t even mechanical, so they don’t require batteries, but they still manage to encourage plenty of creativity in kids.