Adorable Collectible Sqwishlanders Take Vending Machine Toys Online

Sqwishland is a new toy and collectors game that is a growing in popularity very quickly. Sqwishland started out as adorable little plastic avatar animals that were on sale in vending machines. Kids love them because they’re adorable and collectible. Meanwhile, parents love them to because they’re cheap, and provide tons of value. That is because each Sqwishlander character comes with a code to unlock a component to play with on Sqwishland.com, which is a virtual game world for kids that is full of adorable Sqwishlander characters. To date there are over half a million kids playing online at Sqwishland.

But besides for finding Sqwishlanders in vending machines, Sqwishland characters can be purchased in packs too. A tube of 6 goes for as little as $4.96, while a 12 capsule tube retails for $9.99.