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iGuy Standing Cover is an iPad 2 Case for Kids

The iGuy Standing Cover for iPad and iPad 2 is absolutely one of the most adorable iPad cases ever. This little guy is designed to be free-standing and kid friendly! It features lightweight foam protection and comes in a choice of three colors – peacock blue, green and yellow. It will be available soon for $39.95 at Speck.

  1. Brendan

    That is one cute case for kids! For the many parents who are upgrading to the iPad 2, and want to give their iPad 1 to their kids, the will need a good kids case for the iPad 1. The Muvn Case for iPad available at amazon.com and http://www.gomuvn.com is shock-resistant, fun to hold, and mounts to a headrest. Kids love it!

  2. jojo

    wish i could find dimensions and weight for it…that way i can mod it…

  3. Alan Lund

    thought is for everybody simply a whole lot better . an outstanding job enjoyed it

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