Epson BrightLink 455Wi Interactive Projector Brings Classroom Tables to Life

That Epson, always coming up with something unique and fun. Today they introduced  BrightLink 455Wi interactive projector that can transform a wall or table into an interactive learning area. That means whiteboards and tables can now become a source of interactivity.  However the projector relies on important accessories to take it to the next level. Like two digital infrared pens, a new pen tray, and wall mount hardware. The Epson BrightLink 455Wi is currently available for  $2,199.

More about the BrightLink 455Wi
–       Interactive Table Mode: When used with a specially designed table mount, the BrightLink 455Wi can be used to transform a table* into an interactive table for small group learning centers, giving students a gathering place to explore digital lessons, play educational games and work together on interactive learning activities
–       Updated Interactive Driver: When using Microsoft tablet features and ink tools, BrightLink will automatically engage those tools, bringing them front and center for use with the projector4

–       New Pen Tray: Holds two pens and can be attached magnetically or installed with included screws

–       Increased Speaker and Microphone Input: Dedicated input allows teachers to use a microphone to amplify voice using the increased internal 12W speaker, saving the teacher’s voice and ensuring all students can hear; volume can be adjusted using projector or remote control buttons

–       Flexible Size Setup: Creates one of the largest widescreen interactive areas without the need to pay a premium for size; select the size to match and maximize available space with variable image sizes from 59-inches to 96-inches diagonal (WXGA) or 55-inches to 85-inches diagonal (XGA)

–       Ultra-Short Throw Distance: Can be mounted as close as 2.8-inches away from the wall to accommodate smaller classrooms or meetings rooms, and can project a 80-inch diagonal image from only 10-inches away; new high performance optics virtually eliminate hardware and shadow interference

–       Simplified Network Monitoring and Control: Flexible sizing in a single projector can meet the needs of multiple room environments, and RJ-45 wired LAN connectivity for remote monitoring and control via an IT network helps saves time and money, regardless of the projector’s physical location

–       Message Broadcasting: Included EasyMP Monitor software allows projector to be used as a broadcast system to show customized images and alerts over the network for announcements or instructions

–       Low Total Cost of Ownership: New electrostatic air filter extends life of filter by 1,000 hours5 for a suggested 5,000 hour maintenance cycle

–       Closed Captioning: Built-in closed captioning decoder makes presentations accessible to viewers with hearing impairments with no added cost, and helps meet section 508 compliance

–       Easy Setup and Control: Instant On and Instant Off helps to avoid delays when starting and finishing lectures; A/V Mute Slide instantly turns off the sound and images, customizable Sleep Mode saves energy, and 1.6x manual zoom offers positioning flexibility

–       USB Plug ‘n Play Instant Setup: Instantly projects images, transmits audio and controls the presentations from either a Windows PC or Mac via a standard USB cable

–       3LCD Technology: Features the latest, 3LCD, 3-chip technology to deliver amazing, true-to-life color and detail for powerful presentations; 3LCD technology provides an energy efficient light engine which efficiently uses available lamp light to create stunning images; in contrast to 1-chip DLP technology, 3LCD requires, on average, 25 percent less electricity per lumen of brightness