JAKKS Debuts Spy Net Video Watch with Night Vision and 2011 Spy Net Line-up

What was one of the hottest toys as well as award winning this holiday season was the Spy Net Video Watch. So Jakks has unleashed upon us a slew of more Spy Net gear to keep boys thinking they are a James Bond in the making. The Spy Net Video Watch has now evolved into the Spy Net Video Watch with Night Vision, which is packed with high-tech features, including real-working Night Vision technology! With the Spy Net Video Watch with Night Vision agents can record videos and photos in complete darkness! The Spy Net Video Watch with Night Vision can capture and analyze images of ‘shadow agents’ with the all new Spy Net’s Most Wanted feature and enjoy Advanced Agent rewards and all new missions and games.The Spy Net Video Watch with Night Vision still records up to 20 minutes of video, or over 3 hours of audio or captures up to 2000 photos and will retail for $59.99. We got an hands on with the newest Spy Net Watch and even the prototype was impressive, so we are sure the final production model will have kids super excited to continue playing secret agent man.

A Spy Net Night Vision Watch may be cool, but a spy also needs more Spy Net gear in their arsenal, if they are truly going to be a successful undercover agent.

Jakks will also be launching a Spy Net Bionic Ear stealth listening device, which uses real ultrasound technology to hear through windows, doors and even walls and will retail for $19.99. Budding agents can also protect intel and secrets using the Spy Net Laser Tripwire security system. The laser tripwire is invisible so you can catch shadow agents on the fly and will retail for $24.99.

Lastly the The 2011 line-up of Spy Net products is also expected to include the, Spy Net Stealth Video Glasses, Spy Net Audio Bug, Spy Net Door Security Alarm, Spy Net Diversion Device, Spy Net Spy Clops Bionic Eye, Spy Net Secret Message Dart Shooter, Spy Net Surveillance Scope.