Bossa Nova Robotics Introduces Skylee the Dragon

Penbo the Penguin has a new friend in town: Skylee the Dragon. Skylee will be sure to impress any child with her magical abilities. She’ll flap her wings when touched or respond to greetings with words of excitement. Skylee is one of the most outgoing dragons out there, and she loves to play games. Like her friend Penbo, she comes with a cuddly little baby inside of her egg-shaped belly. Skylee always wants to be near her baby dragon, Bebe. You can watch her rock Bebe back and forth and sings her lullabies. Skylee and Bebe are always on the lookout for their friends Penbo and Penbino, when they find them they’ll sing and dance in joy. Penbo and Friends are manufactured by the ever-growing robotics brand, Bossa Nova Robotics. The entire line is ingeniously designed to capture the hearts of young girls ages 4-7. Skylee will be available this Fall for $59.99.