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Justin Bieber Rockin’ Tour Bus and Concert Stage Has MP3 Dock and Speakers

That Justin Bieber. He  just keeps rolling out the wares…be it 3D glasses, perfumed bracelets and now even more toys for the tweens’ from Bridge Direct. This Fall  you can expect to see a Justin Bieber Rockin’ Tour Bus and Concert Stage, Justin Bieber Real Hairstyle Doll, and Justin Bieber Performance Collection Singing Dolls.

The Rockin’ Tour Bus and Concert Stage will let you turn Justin into a one man band on his bus that turns into a concert stage. When the bus opens it becomes a spinning stage with lights and an mp3 dock with speakers. So you can have Justin lip-syncing to his own songs during his performance..  There is even a backstage area. This bus has it all and will retail for $79.99.

The Justin Bieber Real Hairstyle Doll is perfect for those who always wanted to caress Justin’s hair and now you can on his very own doll. The doll has Justin’s signature hairstyle and will come with a skateboard, backpack or sunglasses. The doll will retail for $17.99.

Lastly, the Justin Bieber Performance Collection Singing Dolls includes four new figures that don fashions inspired by Justin’s tour and “sings” a 30-second clip of one of Justin’s hit songs – “Love Me”, “U Smile”, “Never Say Never” and “Eenie Meenie”. The Justin Beiber Singing Dolls will retail for $27.99.

For more information, check out Justin Beiber Toys.

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    When will this spk be finished? We would love it! i think never.

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