Fisher-Price BIGFOOT the Monster Review

Interactive toys are where it’s at this season. Toys that talk, walk, and sing are popping up left and right. Fisher Price’s Bigfoot the Monster is sure to please little ones. This little big guy has over 80 different catchphrases it shoots out in a burly voice. He walks, does somersaults, gets hungry, eats, throws a ball, and even burps. The remote control activates Bigfoot and is in the shape of his foot. As a matter of a fact, he moves as much as a toddler!

Bigfoot the Monster is a little over 1 foot high and 14.5 inches wide so it is a big toy! Almost as big as a toddler, but not so large so as to be scary. When activated to on mode, the standby noise he makes is heavy breathing. The remote control has 9 big buttons and works from up to 15 ft away. Put the included little red plastic ball in Bigfoot’s hands and press the ball button to see him throw it. Hold it down and he will wind up his throw. It may not replace father and son baseball time, but it is sure to entertain. Press the sleepy button and he yawns and tells you he is sleepy. Hold it down and he will even lay down and go to sleep. Sounds like a good way to coax the little one into sleeping at bed time.

To see him act like King Kong, press the angry button. He roars, shakes his fists, pounds his fists, and sounds genuinely mad. Make him exercise with the button with a barbell on it. When pressed once, he pretends to lift a barbell. When pressed and held, he counts the reps he does, while making grunting noises. The happy button makes him say happy phrases and do cute little moves. The exclamation mark button makes him say everything from different animal noises, to “whoa!” There are plenty of noises for him to keep going.

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The movement buttons in the middle make him walk forward or backward by throwing his hands on the floor and pushing with his arms to raise himself back up. The wheeled feet help with this. The somersault button makes him roll backward with one press, and forward with a press and hold. Finally, his belly is a button that makes him laugh, and his mouth can be activated by feeding him an included leaf.

The power button includes a very thoughtful option of low or high volume, as well as an off mode, for when you wish Bigfoot really was just a hoax in Canada. In off mode, he is silent. The remote control needs two AA batteries which are not included. Bigfoot comes with a rechargeable battery pack and wall charger. A 4 hour charge will provided many hours of play time. Bigfoot will let you know verbally when the battery gets low.

For $84.99, BIGFOOT the Monster, although pricey, it is a great buy and will be a sure hit this season. This toy is imaginative, inventive, entertaining, and very interactive. It is also well made. It worked well on carpet but struggled a bit more on wood flooring, but still worked. And with all the different options, Bigfoot the monster is sure to provide plenty of entertainment for a little one for a long time. It is easy use and takes hardly any set up. We’d consider Bigfoot to be one step away from the robot companions that the future promises. That said, this toy is sure to scare your pets because of its size, realistic voice, and movements. My pet cautiously crouches around it (see picture), and occasionally lets it know who’s boss. Thank goodness Bigfoot doesn’t say “car ride” or “treat,” otherwise it would be over!

Check out BIGFOOT’s YouTube channel to see more videos of him in action.

The Good: Easy to use, tons of fun, runs on rechargeable batteries
The Bad: It will scare your pet for the first week.