WowWee Perfect Puppy Interacts with You Like a Real Dog Would

Has your little one been begging you to get them a dog – but you don’t think that they are ready for the responsibility yet? Instead, you might want to consider getting them one of these little fellas as a kind of training wheel for the real thing. WowWee has just rolled out an adorable new addition to their Alive animal series – the Perfect Puppy. Perfect Puppy is designed to be a life-like puppy that responds to your touch and when you speak to it. The series includes Bella, a Portuguese Water Dog, and Buddy, a Goldendoodle pup. Both pups should be available soon at retailers, but in the meanwhile we spotted Buddy on Amazon for $99.

•    Pet me and I’ll respond with sounds and motion!
•    I can tell the difference between a tickle, pat, stroke and hug and I respond differently to each
•    I react differently to loud or soft voice commands
•    I’m a life-size puppy who makes 18 life-like sounds including sniff, bark, whimper, grumble and snore
•    My eyes, mouth, ears and tail are all animated
•    You can pose my front legs
•    I come with an accessory collar and brush