Momergency Kit Will Quiet Crying Kids and Clean Dirty Hands

If you are a mom, you have probably experienced some sort of emergency with your kids (big or small) when  you at the Doctor’s office, hair salon etc…or any other inconvienet time. Well the  Momergency Kit has got you covered. The kit includes just about every thing you could use in in a pinch from arts and crafts to stop a crying baby to wipes to clean dirty hands. The Momergency retails for $25 at Wire and Twine.

The kit includes:

•    Balloon
•    Bandage
•    Binder clip
•    Birthday candle
•    Carabiner
•    Cotton swabs
•    Dice
•    Emery boards
•    Flashlight
•    Glue stick
•    Googly eyes
•    Latex gloves
•    Measuring Tape
•    Mirror
•    Needle and thread
•    Paper clips
•    Permanent marker
•    Plastic zipper bags
•    Safety pins
•    Sanitizing wipe
•    Scissors
•    Rubber bands
•    Whistle