Fable is the World’s First 7″ Tablet for Kids

The tablets for mom and dad don’t stop coming out, so it really was only a matter of time before tablets for kids starting popping up. The first is Fable by Isabella Products. It’s a 7″ high-res touchscreen tablet that utilizes Isabella’s patent-pending carousel navigation interface. It will come preloaded with “with world-famous children’s content from strategic partner and global education leader Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH).” The device will also be powered by a mobile broadband connection so that kids can use the device while traveling. Not many more details are known about Fable – except it looks like it’ll be available in gray, blue or pink.

In addition to the e-Reader application, Fable offers:

  • Drawing – Includes an artistic toolset of various sizes and colors including markers, paintbrushes, magic pens or shapes, which can be applied to a blank page, coloring book pages or photos.
  • Gaming – Provides interactive games focusing on counting, reading, nutrition, colors, shapes and other educational themes, all supported by HMH and other publishers’ unique characters and stories.
  • Photo Sharing – Supports the delivery of photos from family and friends to Fable’s own Gallery. An onboard camera will also allow users to take photos from Fable and share them as well. Photos can also be used as coloring sheets in the drawing application.