Teens Admire Steve Jobs More than Mark Zukerberg According to New Survey

When asked which entrepreneur teens admire most, Steve Jobs reigns supreme in the 2010 Junior Achievement Teens and Entrepreneurship survey sponsored by Sam’s Club. Steve Jobs got 23% of the vote when it came to the most admired entrepreneur, down from 35 percent in the 2009 survey. Even with the popularity of The Social Network, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg only received nine percent of votes for most admired entrepreneur. Who beat him out? Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling at 17 percent, Oprah Winfrey at 14 percent and music mogul Jay-Z at 13 percent. Zuckerberg tied with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

So what qualities do these teens admire most in these entrepreneurs? Riches and fame? Those responses earned 10 percent of teens’ votes. Thirty-one percent of teens admire entrepreneurs who make a difference in people’s lives and 31 percent cited success in multiple fields as what makes an entrepreneur stand out. While most teens admire entrepreneurs who make a difference, when asked what their incentive for becoming an entrepreneur would be, doing good was only the third-ranked response at 15 percent. Above it was working for yourself at 27 percent and controlling your destiny at 24 percent.

So as you can see – teens certainly have alot to say and think about for their future aspirations. Could the next Jobs be budding amongst them, only time will tell.