Justin Bieber Dolls, Microphones, and Plush dolls are Ready To Invade Your Home

I certainly haven’t caught any “Bieber Fever” but that doesn’t mean your kids wont have it come this holiday season. So to satisfy their need for Mr. Beiber, there will be a slew of toys coming out: dolls, plush dolls, and microphones. The Music Video Collection of dolls feature Justin dressed as if he was in one of his videos. The JB Style collection of dolls feature his signature style (I can’t believe I just said that) and hip attire he may sport when looking for tween’s to date in Malibu. Then there is the most interesting of the lot, which is a microphone that plays 30 second clips of his songs “One Time” and “Somebody to Love” plus two concert sound effects. It also includes a picture frame, autograph book, and “I love JB” patch. Squeal!!!
No word on price yet but expect these goodies to pop up in Target, Amazon, and Toys ‘R’ Us soon.  I will say that Ken never looked this good – even if the Bieber doll strangely looks like it could be Barbie and Ken’s kid.