Flipoutz Coins Are Pogs for the 21st Century

Remember Pogs from way back in the 90’s? Well we can’t help but compare Flipoutz to being a modern day version of the 90s fad. Flipoutz are colorful “coins” that are decorated with pictures and fun saying. You can wear them on special Flioutz bracelets, and trade them with friends. The neatest part though is that you can track them online. Each coin ha sits own unique serial number. Each time a new owner obtains a coin, he can register the coin on Flipoutz.com and create a Coin Profile for each coin. This way Kids can trade the coins over and over and follow them as they end up all over the world. It’s kine of like a modern day version of a message in the bottle too! A Flipoutz Starter Kit retails for $12.99, individual coins retail for $2.99 and a bracelet with one coin costs $6.99.