Babysitting Mama for Wii Includes Plush Baby Doll Controller

If you loved Cooking Mama, you are going to love Babysitting Mama. Yep she has moved on from the stove, to taking care of babies. However this game takes interactivity to a whole new level with the Wii.  Babysitting Mama includes a plush baby doll that you tuck the Wii Remote into, turning the doll itself into your controller for the game. With Mama’s help you can learn how to take care of your baby and become a great babysitting Mama just like Mama! There will be more than 40 activities: rock the baby to sleep, feed the baby; burp, change, massage and dress the baby; play peek-a-boo and hide and go seek; take baby’s picture and play games with baby; clean and wash the baby and many more games.  There are 6 different baby characters, each with his/her own personality and individual needs. Babysitting Mama will be released in November and retail for $49.99.