Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame

Batman: The Brave and the Bold the Videogame is a new game for Wii and Nintendo and DS that lets playeers participate in a fun co-op adventure where they get to play as Batman, alongside his powerful friends – Green Lantern, Robin, Hawkman and Blue Beetle. Players can also call in the help of drop-in heroes like the Flash and Aquaman. The game takes players to a variety of locations where they’ll have to fight some of DC Comics most famous villains, solve puzzles, and even experience interplanetary travel. Batman the Brave and the Bold is available for preorder for $39.99 for Wii and $29.99 for the DS version.

The game will be released on September 7th.

• Team Focused Superhero Gameplay: Play along with family and friends in two-player co-op mode as Batman or one of his powerful allies including Robin, and call in the help of drop-in heroes such as The Flash.
• Play the Show: Experience a true interactive adaptation of the cartoon classic with feature-quality character animation, the show’s full VO cast, and all the same great writing, humor, and action!
• Cool Gadgets and Unlockables: Use Batman’s iconic gadgets including his Batarang, Jet Booster, belt sword and more to complete missions. Unlock and upgrade new gadgets and team up with new heroes as you fight your way to justice.
• Journey to Foreign Lands: Battle through four unique environments including Gotham City, London, Science Island and Planet Oa.
• Fight Dastardly Villains: Just like the show, kick off each game episode mid-battle, followed by epic boss encounters with villains such as Catwoman, Gorilla Grodd and Gentleman Ghost.
• Wii/Nintendo DS Interconnectivity: Link the Nintendo DS version to the Wii version to unlock
Bat-Mite as a playable character that can be controlled with the Nintendo DS. Be helpful or mischievous while fighting alongside the heroes.