Herotopia Online Game Lets Kids Become Super Heroes

Herotopia is a new multi-player online game for kids. But there are already tons of online virtual worlds available online for kids, so what makes Herotopia stand out? Herotopia lets kids become superheroes in a virtual world where they can explore real world cities and cultures, and learn how to deal with bullies – which is a major issue facing 1 out of 4 of school-aged children. In Herotopia, Kids can also customize their own superhero avatar, design their own secret hideout with souvenirs from their world travels, and they can adopt and care for an orangutan sidekick.

In Herotopia, each child creates his/her own superhero avatar, chooses a special superpower and travels around the world to play and learn. The site design is a map of the Earth and users can explore nineteen different destinations, from New York to Paris, to Beijing and the North Pole. As kids travel throughout Herotopia, they are introduced to foreign languages, geography and reading skills all in a safe and interactive community setting.

Kids experience a global adventure by playing challenging games, discovering fun facts and hidden quests, and safely interacting with friends. They become Herotopia Heroes and build self-confidence through virtual bully encounters with the Bully Bunch, the cast of super villains. Using non-violent superpowers, players learn how to create a Bully Free World.