Sneaky Puzzle Singin’ Sea Creatures is a 3D Adventure Puzzle

3D has become all the rage nowadays, but not everyone can afford a super expensive 3D home theater system. Fortunately, 3D Sneaky Puzzles Singin’ Sea Creatures is a great 3D toy that will both entertain and educate your kids, without breaking the bank! This 6-piece floor puzzle lets kids put together the colorful sea and then slip on the included sturdy 3D glasses for a magical experience. Children will be amazed as they watch the sea creatures swim towards them and try to reach out and touch them. To top it all off, hidden within the puzzle are all of the letters of the alphabet and numbers 0–9… Finished floor puzzles are 2 x 3 feet—that is pretty humongous! 3D Sneaky Puzzles Singin’ Sea Creatures retails for $14.99.