Nancy Drew Celebrates 80th Anniversary with a New Game for PC and Mac

Nancy Drew has been around for a long time. I remember my parents and even grandparents reading her books as well as the Hardy Boys. Well this year is Nancy Drew’s 80th Anniversary, so she is celebrating with a new game called Trail of the Twister. In addition, the first original interactive game that started it all ‘Secrets Can Kill’ will also be re-launched and remastered for audiences.

In Trail of a Twister, Nancy Drew goes undercover as a competitive storm chaser in this new mystery, set in Oklahoma during the tornado season. Teams are competing for a $100,000,000 prize for discovering a prediction formula for tornados, but something is not quite right… To solve the mystery of who is sabotaging the storm chasing team, Nancy is thrust into a world of wild weather, high technology, secret conversations, mysterious dealings, and ulterior motives…

Trail of the Twister is available now $19.99 and so is Secrets Can Kill and for the first time they will play on a PC or Mac.