Galactic Taz Ball Spins Its Way to Nintendo DS

Galactic Taz Ball is a new Nintendo DS game starring one of our favorite Looney Tunes characters – Taz! In the game, everyone’s favorite furball, gets caught up in an evil plot by Marvin the Martian and he soon finds himself in a whirlwind journey of adventure, exploration, platform challenges, and puzzle solving. The game features two very different, but very cool gameplay modes. First there are “Overworld” areas where you can control Taz by moving the stylus on the bottom screen, and you can even turn him into a tornado when he has gathered enough speed. Then there is also the “Underworld” gameplay mode, which becomes a 2D  side-scrolling game where players need to prod, push, and pull Taz and his surroundings with the stylus.

Marvin is on a mission to steal the Earth’s landscape for Mars while hungry Taz is on a journey  to find a… giant chicken leg in the sky?

Galactic Taz Ball is set to be released in Fall 2010 for $29.99, and it’s set to coincide with the new “The Looney Tunes Show” which has just been announced by the Cartoon Network.