New Designs from Toilet Buddies Help Kids Potty Train

Toilet training kids is a hurdle a all parents must deal with eventually and sometimes kids need a little extra help in order to encourage them to use the porcelain monster. Well Toilet Buddies may just be the trick to jump start that training. Toilet Buddies are stickers that can be placed added or removed based upon your child’s training.  Each sticker is that of an adorable animal such as Poo Poo Panda, Doo Doo Duck, Octo Poo, Leaky Frog and others. Depending on how you want to train your child, you can reward them by placing stickers on the toilet of the character or removing them everytime they successfully went. Toilet Buddies has come out with a slew of new designs and each sticker set costs $24.95.  They are just too cute and you may actually be encouraged to keep them on for yourself.