Barbie Glam Vacation Jet Plane Playset, Onboard Wi-Fi Not Included

The upcoming Barbie Glam Vacation Jet Plane Playset comes with everything that Barbie needs while traveling on her private jet. The playset includes a first class cabin with seating for two, luggage, seatbelts, a food cart, a built-in microphone for making in-flight announcements, headphones, and many more accessories, along with a full-size kitchen, and even a surprise tropical-glam resort that pops out of the back of the plane. And wow, the cabin coverts into a dining room!  Finally, the playset even has 4 appropriate sound effects – take-off/landing, seatbelt ding, soda fountain, and tropical music. The Barbie Glam Vacation Jet Plane Playset will be available in May for $105.79.