PeeWee Kits Turn Computers into PeeWee PC’s

For those not familiar with the PeeWee PC, it is a computer designed specifically for kids – an educational and safe computer that allows your kids freedom to use the computer securely without having to watch them every minute. But if you don’t have the PeeWee PC, but really would like to have all the benefits of it – then the PeeWee Kit is perfect.  The PeeWee Kit turns any computer into an age-appropriate PeeWee PC for children. A great kiddie computer bundle, the PeeWee Kit features: a USB drive, PeeWee Security suite for online and offline safety, and 7 different games and software titles. Customized for low-cost Netbook computers, The PeeWee Kit loads age appropriate software and game titles into children’s computers to accommodate three levels of students:  Pre-K, Early Elementary, or Upper Elementary. The PeeWee Kit is available for only $29.99 with free shipping included.  In addition, a CD-ROM version with 4 titles will be available for $19.99.  The PeeWee Kit runs on Windows 7, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista Service Pack 1 operating systems, Pentium processor or higher, and an available USB port.  Available March 2010, PeeWee Kit will be sold exclusively through PeeWee PC.