Hi-Tec Art Uses Colorful LEDs to Create Interactive Masterpieces

Hi-Tec Art has developed a way to use LEDs in your own art, without having to use a soldering iron. Just take the LED and stick it anywhere on their rubber mat and the LEDS will light up! You can create your own art, signs, pictures, maps, logos, and even use it to decorate clothing. There are even chess and checker games with LEDs fixed inside each piece so that they each light up. But one of Hi-Tec Art’s most coolest products is the Cube, which is a 64-RGB LED animated light show, which runs for 45 mins without repeating. Each of the 64 LEDs produce over 1000 colors. Hi-Tec Art goes far as saying that some people are calling it the Lava Lamp for the 21st century.