WowWee Introduces WowWee Retro by Rereleasing Some of its Classics

WowWee has always been at the head of the curve when it comes to cutting edge robotic toys. Now they have gone all old school on us by bringing back some of their classic WowWee creations, including WowWee Reign of the Dinosaur T-Rex, the WowWee remote control Dragster and Megabyte. These guys will only be available for a limited time, so get them while they’re hot.

Mega Byte

Our old pal Mega Byte, the robotic hound-droid is back, with all of his original features and functions including doggy sounds, various play modes, his need for “feeding” and secret storage space! This interactive pup features a Short Circuit Behavior Mode where he begins to act crazy; reset him to get him back to normal!


This remote control interactive beast stomps around defying anything in his path with his realistic walking motion. Let the action begin as you take full control of T-Rex’s movements, animated head and ferocious sounds! Complete with a bone shaped IR remote controller, it’s the ultimate animated, walking, roaring toy that wreaks havoc as it goes!


Race the WowWee remote control Dragster to super fast speeds topping 8.5mph (13.7 km/h)! It even has a real drag parachute for braking and a vibrating engine, like a real dragster!