Hands on With The VTech Flip e-Reader

Plenty of parents have ebook readers these days. Be it a Kindle, Nook, etc…so it only comes natural that if you have kids, they want what their mommy and daddy has.  The VTech FLiP is the first real world animated e-reading system designed for kids. Its colorful, features touchscreen technology, and is a fun interactive way for parents and kids to read together. Not only is the FLiP fun it is also made very well and comes in the colors blue and pink for boys and girls. We got a hands on with the FLiP and we were certainly taken with its onboard Qwerty touch keyboard and hardy construction as well as vibrant screen.

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Kids don’t have to know how to read to enjoy FLiP they can just listen and learn words as the animated stories play. There will be plenty of downloadable fun as well when the FLiP goes live as well as additional animated books to purchase from characters like Shrek, The Little Engine that Could, Dora the Explorer, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and more. Expect the FLiP to retail for $59.99 and be available during the Summer. Pricing is not available yet for the additional titles but also except some cute accessories to make your FLiP even more fun.

Update 08/30/2010: For parents who are looking for a more sophisticated e-reader for their older children, they might want to check out our sister site’s Amazon Kindle 3rd Generation Review. The new Kindle is now more affordable and more portable then ever, making it more appealing to young students and parents alike.

Update 09/19/10: The VTech VReader is here so check out our complete review.