The Vectron Wave Flying Saucer For No Hand Catch

Air Hogs has recently released the Vectron Wave, $24.99, a new flying saucer that doesn’t need a remote control. The Vectron Wave is an indoor flier, which you can control with the palm of your hand. It incorporates obstacle sensors to detect proximity from the ground or your hand, so that it stay in the air when it approaches an obstacle. This means Vectron Wave will continue to hover for as long as its batteries last. We enjoyed playing catch with the Vectron Wave because the toy can be “thrown” without ever touching the actually toy. Just send the toy flying with a throwing motion – it will bounce off your hands using motion sensors.  We accomplished this by basically giving it a low five with our palm, and it whirls across the room to your friend. Vectron Wave seemed both durable and safe. Normally spinning blades seem dangerous, but Air Hogs made it safe enough that if you slip your finger into the propeller it will stop with ease.  By next week we expect more than a few of the Vectron Waves whirling around the ChipChicklets headquarters (they’re just too much fun).