Stinky the Garbage Truck Will Make You Love Garbage Day

Matchbox’s Stinky the Garbage Truck is a very lively character that boys and girls 3 and up will be crazy about.  He is part of Matchbox’s ‘hard working heroes line  just like his very successful brother, Rocky the Robot Truck. Stinky is a robo-vehicle with many advanced features, sensors, and touch points. He has incredible articulations that you wouldn’t believe. Just like a regular garbage truck he can drive around, and load and unload garbage, but unlike a regular garbage truck he’s got personality. He talks, tells jokes, eats, sings and is always ready to play. Packed with a bunch of funny surprises, Stinky will provide hours of entertainment. He will keep children engaged by asking questions, initiating sing-a-longs, exercising and playing games. Also, don’t worry Stinky doesn’t actually smell, although we can’t vouch for the “garbage” you choose to feed him. You should see Stinky on store shelves in July 2010 with an average retail price of $59.99.

Update 11/08/2010: Check out our Stinky the Garbage Truck Review.