LEGO Launches LEGO Games, Buildable Board Games for Family Game Night

We love LEGO – I think every person who has had LEGO’s as a child just never grows out of them. So it was a real treat for us to tour the LEGO booth after hours and get to enjoy the newest and best of what LEGO is offering up for 2010. The biggest news from LEGO was the announcement of LEGO Games. LEGO Games is a new collection of 10 buildable board games that involve the whole family. We actually got to try out Lego Board Game Creationary which was alot of fun but quickly turned competitive amongst a friendly group of Bloggers. The concept is simple. Pick a builder in your group, they roll the dice, and then depending on how the dice land – it determines if you will be building a Thing, Shelter, Transportation, or Nature.  The person who is selected as the builder picks a card and shows no one what the object is that they are trying to build. People in the group have to guess and whoever guess correctly gets a point. Basically a LEGO version of Charades.

The next board game we played was LEGO Games Minotaurus. This one is bit more subdued and probably won’t cause as much of a ruckus in your home.  The goal is to move your LEGO Minifig enough spaces to get to the Minotaur. Opponents can block your path depending on how the dice roll and is a quick game pretty much, if you are playing with friendly opponents.

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Lego Games Minotaurus and Lego Board Game Creationary is available now on Amazon or in stores in March. Expect the last 8 LEGO Games to make an appearance over the course of the year.

Besides the launch of LEGO Games, LEGO also introduced new LEGO sets based on the Prince of Persia Sands of Times movie (Jake Gyllenhaal never looked so good) , Harry Potter,  Hogwarts, Toy Story 3, and Star Wars.

So 2010 promises to be an exciting year for LEGO, that will keep both kids and adults entertained.