Fisher-Price iXL – Think iPhone with Training Wheels

The iXL is a touch-screen notebook designed for children ages 3 to 6. The device, which is modeled after an iPhone, features 6 great applications, which are fun and educational. The toy is based on the idea that kids want to be just like their parents so of course they should have their own version of an iPhone.

The iXL’s applications feature Story Book, Game Player, Music Player, Art Studio, Note Book, and Photo Album. All the applications feature adorable monkeys that will make uploading pictures or reading stories fun for your kids. The Story Book app features an animated story with interactive text where children can click any word and learn more about it. Game Player features an arcade style game, which teaches numbers, sequences, and counting. Music Player comes preloaded with learning music, but will also play any MP3 or WMA file formats. Art Studio is an app where children can explore their creativity using different pen styles, colors, backgrounds, and stampers. Note Book is an app for children to learn handwriting by tracing letters and numbers.

Lastly, using Photo Album, children have access to any photos that are uploaded to the device and can customize them using a variety of drawing and tools. Sharing the device with multiple children should not be an issue as they can all have their own user account.  iXL features an SD card for expandable memory and is compatible with Windows and Mac. No cartridges necessary. Software like Toy Story, Scooby-Doo, Shrek, Sponge Bob, Disney Princess, and Batman can be purchase separately for $24.99 and are easily transferred to the device with a USB cable attached to the computer. It will be released in June 2010 with an average retail price of $79.99. It comes in pink, blue and silver and is powered by 4 “AA” batteries.