We Did It! DORA Sings and Dances for her 10th Anniversary

WE DID IT! DORA is a new doll celebrating 10 years since Dora won the hearts of kids and parents everywhere.  Celebrating Dora’s 10th anniversary, the all-new We Did It! Dora doll features a new take on Dora’s signature “We Did It!” song and dance.  Kids can dance along as Dora pumps her arms and sways side to side to the beat!  The doll includes four modes of play: Teach-Me (where Dora teaches kids the “We Did It!” Dance), “We Did It!” Dance, Freeze Dance, and Say It Two Ways bilingual dance game. We Did It! Dora is inspired by Dora’s Birthday Adventure TV movie event.  Requires four AA alkaline batteries, included. It will be available in the Fall and retail for $39.99.