Constructive Utencils

Constructive Eating – Where Creativity Comes to Eat

Constructive UtencilsAt some point in every child’s life they need to make the transition from being fed to feeding themselves with utensils. Constructive Eating eases and encourages this transition with their fun and creative product line. The Bull Dozer Pusher, Fork Lift Fork, and Front Loader Spoon are all designed with function in mind. Once kids see how enjoyable eating can be with these constructive utensils they may be begging to eat every meal with Fork Lift Fork or Front Loader Spoon. For added fun, as well as function, Constructive Eating has a constructive plate that compliments each utensil perfectly. The set in unity is sure to excite any young child. The utensils all have textured easy grip handles designed for the wee little hands. They’re lightweight, durable, and also dishwasher safe. Utensil sets, containing bull dozer pusher, fork lift fork, and front loader spoon, are available in pink and yellow and can be found on Amazon for just over $17. The Construction plate is also on Amazon for $17 and change as well. If anything, it makes a great gift for anyone with toddlers.