Timeline of Barbie’s 120 Careers Over 50 Years

Barbie’s 125th and 126th career announcements made a big splash this month, when it was announced that Barbie’s latest careers included a news anchor and a computer engineer. But if you were wondering what Barbie’s first 124 careers were, here is the complete list.

1959 Teenage Fashion Model
1960 Fashion Editor
1961 Ballerina, Nurse, Flight Attendant
1962 Tennis Pro, Ice Skater
1963 Executive (Career Girl)
1965 Astronaut, Teacher
1966 Pan Am Flight Attendant
1967 Junior Designer
1970 Aerobics Instructor
1971 Singer
1973 Surgeon, United Airlines Flight Attendant
1974 Miss America
1975 Olympic Athlete, Downhill Skier, Figure Skater, Gymnast
1976 Ballerina
1977 Actress
1979 Miss America
1982 Concert Pianist
1984 Aerobics Instructor, CEO
1985 Business Executive, Dress Designer, TV News Reporter,
Veterinarian, Teacher
1986 Astronaut, Rock Star
1987 Ballerina
1988 Doctor
1989 UNICEF Ambassador, Doctor Army Officer
1990 U.S. Air Force Pilot, Summit Diplomat, Ice Capades Star
1991 Music Video Star, Naval Petty Officer
1992 Marine Corps Sergeant, Rap Musician, Teacher, Chef Doctor,
Presidential Candidate
1993 Police Officer, Army Medic, Radio City Music Hall Rockette,
Baseball Player
1994 Pediatrician, Astronaut, Scuba Diver, Air Force Thunderbird, Squadron Leader, Artist
1995 Teacher, Lifeguard, Firefighter
1996 Veterinarian, Engineer, Olympic Gymnast
1997 Dentist, Paleontologist, Boutique Owner
1998 Professional WNBA Basketball Player, Rock Star,
Olympic Skater, NASCAR Driver
1999 Pilot, Women’s World Cup Soccer Player, Major League Baseball Player, Business Executive, NASCAR Driver,
NBA Player
2000 Olympic Swimmer, Presidential Candidate, Formula1 Driver
2001 Children’s Doctor, Sign Language Teacher, Chef
2002 Art Teacher, Olympic Ice Skater
2003 Producer
2004 Presidential Candidate
2005 American Idol Winner, Baby Doctor Barbie, Pet Doctor Barbie,
Teacher Barbie
2006 Baby Doctor, Zoologist,Teacher, Ballerina
2007 Pet Sitter, Baby Photographer, Teacher, Ballet Teacher
2008 Presidential Candidate, Soccer Coach, Swim Instructor,
TV Chef, Zoo Doctor, Space Camp
2009 Animal Trainer, Newborn Baby Doctor, Preschool Teacher,
Pet Vet, Gymnastics Coach, Dog Trainer/Competitor, Dog
Washer, Dog Park Sitter, Equestrian, Fashion Magazine Intern
2010 Race Car Driver, Rock Star, Pet Vet, Dentist, Snowboarder,
Pizza Chai Ballroom Dancer, Baby Sitter, Kid Doctor