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Barbie Video Girl Doll with Camcorder Lets You View Life Like Barbie

Ever wonder what it’s like to be Barbie? Well now you can get a better idea of what it’s like to be Barbie with the Barbie Video Girl Doll. The doll features a video camera built directly into Barbie’s necklace with a LCD video screen on her back, so you can record and view everything that Barbie’s seen and experienced. Let her ride on the handlebars of your bike and playback video directly on the LCD screen hidden under Barbie’s shirt on her back. Or you can plug a USB cable into Barbie herself and view your video masterpiece on the big screen like a TV or computer. Record videos up to 30 minutes long and even edit videos (add music and sound effects) on Barbie.com. The Barbie Video Girl Doll will cost around $50 and will be available in July 2010.

Update 6/29/10 – We finally got our hands on the Barbie Video Girl Doll – check out our sister site Chip Chick for the full review.

  1. Rob

    It’s a little strange, but I guess it makes an interesting toy.

  2. Sarah

    Love it. I wish they had this when I was a kid.

  3. jordan

    hi my name is jordan maat for my birthday i want a video girl barbie doll.

  4. mylasia

    barbie girl i need to post a video on your camcorder this is mylasia u can call me at 803-319-3747

  5. alicia

    well i think that its a good and bad thing maybe that barbi just might catch someone malesting or kidnapping a little girl.just imagine a little girl getting kidnapped and her babrbi is on record and maybe she has the barbi in her hands while she was being melested believe me little girls need something like this thats what i think i think its a safe barbi.

  6. shreenidhibarbie5

    I am a great fan of barbie.I have the latest BARBIE VIDEO GIRL DOLL.I love it.Till today I have collected 78-barbie dolls.I have everything other than a BARBIE LAPTOP.I am waiting for the next barbie doll to come.

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