Snow Strollers Make it Easy for Parents to Stroll in a Blizzard

We generally like to promote fun and safety here at Chip Chicklets but sometimes there is that one crazy product that comes across our desks that’s neither. The Snow Strollers are a cross between a stroller and snow sled. This was designed for parents who need to slide through snow very easily without having to deal with wheels getting stuck or iced up. However if you let go for a split second of the stroller I can only imagine it’s bye bye birdie cause your kid will be gone – especially on a very slick surface. The strollers come in several colors and and feature nylon material, light weight stainless steel tubing, and are easily foldable for the trunk or traveling. There are Starter, Graduate, Deluxe, and Deluxe Plus Snow Strollers each retailing for $109.65 to $199 respectively.