Fantage is a Social Networking & Gaming Site for Kids Ages 7-13

Fantage (Fantastic Age) is a fast growing community site for children ages 7-13. Kids can go on secret-agent style missions, earn medals and gifts by playing mini-games, purchase furniture, clothing, stickers, costumes, and more! But Fantage not only incorporates games and adventures that entertains kids, these games also instill important lessons in them like sharing and giving. The site also helps promote positive social interaction in a safe environment with a social networking experience that mom and dad don’t have to worry about. Fantage is able to accomplish this by letting Parents customize their children’s communication privileges, so that parents have control over what their young child can or can’t do when they’re playing online in Fantastic Age.

Upon signing in, users pick the servers they want to join and then select a region they want to visit, such as uptown or downtown. If you want to do secret-agent style missions, you can head underground. You can earn medals and gifts by playing mini games. There are games for each section in which you collect stars. These stars are good for purchasing furniture, clothing, hover boards, costumes, stickers, etc. The more stars you have the better, especially when participating in the Fashion Show game where members are judged by three themed looks!