Cahootie Reinvents the Fortune Teller, Adds ClubCahootie Social Network Site for Tweens

Cahootie has reinvented the iconic handmade “cootie catcher” or “fortune-teller”. Unlike the do-it-yourself ones we’re all used to making at home or in school, Cahooties are made of pre-folded, rip-resistant laminated paper with colorful graphics, and they are available in nine themes including, “Wishes & Dreams,” “Truth or Dare,” “Best Friends Forever,” and “Girl Wonders.” To compliment Cahooties, there is ClubCahootie, a social networking site where tweens can interact with one another online. The site offers blogging, chat, in-world mail, avatars, photo and video uploading and sharing, and Cahootie’s very own online game, “Virtual Cahootie,” where tweens can publish their own Cahooties and share them with their friend. Cahooties cost just $6.99 for a single one, or $12.99 for a twin pack. And they look so colorful and pretty, we’re sure that lots of girls will want to collect them all.