Barbie Ladies of the 80s Dolls Because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

These aren’t quite the techiest dolls around, but they’re so unique that we must mention them. The Barbie Ladies of the 80s series includes the Debbie Harry Doll and the  Cyndi Lauper Doll. The Debbie Harry Doll comes with a mic and is the first doll in the 80’s collection. It’s scary to think that while we were playing Barbies, these singers were just starting their career- and now they are the Barbie Dolls! Both dolls retail for $34.99 each and are available soon.

Debbie Harry took her band from the Bowery to superstardom with her tough and pretty persona, beautiful voice, and witty, ironic music. Mixing new wave, reggae, rap, and disco, she created an unforgettable landmark of pop culture.

“Girls Just Want to Have Fun”… especially Cyndi Lauper! Cyndi is one of the foremost female singer/songwriters who left her mark on pop culture, and this Cyndi Lauper Barbie Doll really displays the popular singer’s trend-setting fashion sense and spunk. She’s part of the Barbie Ladies of the ’80s collection. Have some fun of your own as you gaze admiringly at her “Time After Time”!