TeacherMate Handheld Devices Looks to Turn School Classrooms into Arcades of Education

Looking more like a Leapfrog device the TeacherMate is a handheld computer for K-2 students. This little handheld device is aimed at covering a wide range of curriculum’s including math and reading. TeacherMate reading activities cover phonics, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension and works in both English and Spanish. The math section covers number sequence, addition, length measurements, temperature, scales, fractions, coins and dollars, time, and geometric shapes. The TeacherMate costs a one time charge of $100 per student and a classroom can be fully equipped with all hardware and software for $2500. It can also be purchased as a learning center for $400 per classroom. Personally anything that looks like video game but educates kids is certainly a welcome new ingenious way of keeping kids interested in school.