Christmas Dialer Sends Kids a Free Voicemail from Santa

santa-1ChristmasDialer.com is a neat site where you can have kids sign up to get a special voicemail from Santa. And best of all, the service is totally free! You can even choose from three Santa Messages. Kids will feel so special when they receive their Santa voicemail. Another similar service, called SantaVoicemail is a paid service that will let you receive customizable Santa messages where you can specify the Sender’s name, what area your child needs to improve on, and what toy your child wants. Santa Voicemail costs $4.95.

I am checking my list and I hope you’ve been very good this year. All the Elves are working very hard to make fun toys for the good boys and girls all over the world. I’ve got some ideas for something special just for you but I need you to send me a letter with your list so I’m sure to get it right. Remember to be good!