Pingo Could Very Well Become Your Kids Very Best Friend

pingoI’m not really sure that we should encourage kids to be on their computer more than they need too, but Pingo is just one adorable little buddy that will liven up any desk.  This tiny robotic penguin can zoom around desktops, express moods, respond to voice commands, sing songs, and read aloud email messages.  Just like any pet you have to feed it, and boy does it eat – especially vitamins from a Facebook gift page, and you can lull it to sleep by rocking it in your hands.  It can also follow your kids fingers around a desktop, while sensory devices ensure that it never falls off a desk when moving around on its own. Pingo will also display its moods, like happy and angry, by changing the color of its LED-lit eyes. Pingo from Mydeskfriend retails for $149.99 and could become your kids very best friend as they explore the internet together.