Norton Online Family Parental Control Software Free Until New Years

onlinenortonNorton Online Family is a software program that helps parents monitor their children’s activities from anywhere, any time, from any internet connected device, including a smartphone. To use Norton Online Family on a PC or Mac, parents need to sign up and create a family account. Parents can then download and install Norton Safety Minder, a small application, onto each child’s computer.  As a Web-based service, Norton Online Family is able to track the Internet activities of each child in real-time with instant reporting.
Norton Online Family is both Mac & PC compatible. If you sign up for Norton Online Family before January 1st, the service is totally free. After January 1st there is a 1 year subscription for the service that will cost $60 a year.

(Screenshot via USA Today)

Update 01/24/10: It turns out that Symantec is going to continue offering the basic service for free. They will continue the service through 2010.