Lego Rock Band Review for XBox 360

screenshot_10With the recent success of the Rock Band games, fans were left wondering where do you go after creating a Rock Band game based on the best musical group of all time? The answer you combine it with Legos. Lego Rock Band for the Xbox 360 takes the great sounds and plastic instruments from Rock Band and builds on them with well… building blocks. The game follows along well with the Rock Band theme allowing players to perform some of their favorite songs using guitars, drums, or a microphone. The only difference is instead of using your normal avatar you will be using a Lego version of yourself instead. This allows for some interesting visual displays in the background such as exploding Lego ghosts while performing the Ghost Busters theme music. The game also allows for you to create your own custom avatar as well as unlock unique upgrades for the avatar as the game goes on and you gain some cash.

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Though the game offers a pretty short initial set list of 45 songs, the journey is still incredibly fun. The only downside to the game comes from the fact that there is no online play. Despite this minor set back the game still contains very fun visuals and stunning audio quality. The controls are as responsive as ever and provide an enjoyable experience for all players as you jam out to hits from Queen, Vampire Weekend and Bon Jovi. The best part is that the game retains the quick play option which allows you access to your favorite songs at any time.

Overall this game gets an 8 out of 10, loosing 2 point both for having a pretty short initial song list as well as failing to have online playability. It does well to follow its predecessor by allowing the quick play option as well as the customizable avatar. This game is incredibly fun, visually stunning, and sounds amazing. Lego Rock Band can be picked up on Amazon.com for $46.99.

The Good
Great visuals, great audio, great game play, and loads of fun for up to four players plus all the songs are sung by the original artists.

The Bad
No online playability and to short of an initial song list.