Xtractaurs Secret Lab Contest

rexWe first posted about Xtractaurs back at Toy Fair, and they’re finally here! Each Xtractaur comes with an extraction gun that is used to extract DNA from each Xtractaurs dinosaur. Once the DNA has been extracted, you’ll be able to unlock an online gaming experience where Xtractaurs dinosaurs can battle each other.  Now Xtractaurs is having a special contest where you can enter to win new Xtractaurs figures to add to your collection. To enter you need to send in a picture of your Xtractaur hybrid creation with a name, and you’ll need to explain to the Xtractaurs secret lab why your Xtractaur hybrid is so special. If you win, your hybrid will also become a part of the exclusive Xtractaurs Secret Lab.