WowWee Introduces Mini Robos, Now you Can Have a Mini RoboPanda or Mini Roborover

wowweeWowWee Knows you love robots, so wouldn’t it be nice for your bigger Robopanda or Roborover to have a buddy? Well WowWee has announced a whole slew of Mini Robos of all the popular WowWee robots we love. There is a Mini-Roborover, Mini-FemiSapien, Mini- Jobot, Mini-Robopanda, etc…Each one is as detailed as its big brother or sister but of course it doesn’t have all the same special features either. The only simple functions they do are battery operated and can move around or you can pose arms and legs. The best part is that they cost under $20 bucks. So not only will it make a great companion to your other robots but its a great gift for those on a budget even if it doesn’t have all the gusto.