MySims Agents for Wii Review

msa_wii_temple_8__bmp_jpgcopyMySims Agents is a cute little detective game. You take on the role of a junior detective helping your neighbors with minor mysteries (e.g. finding a lost cat), then, as you progress until you are a secret agent saving the world. The game play involves solving a variety of puzzles in order to complete your missions. The graphics are very well done and that alone will captivate young and old.  And there are a number of different environments and buildings to explore. The background music of each environment really helps to draw you into the story.

Like many Wii games, you first design your character. But that’s not the end of it. Kids will also have a lot of fun choosing different outfits for your various missions, as well as decorating and redecorating your office building. After all, even Veronica Mars took some time for fashion.

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The game is filled with puzzles and little games that need to be played and solved in order to get to the next area. You will see puzzles that are reminiscent of Pipes and Incredible Machine. However, unless you are a pre-teen they won’t hold your attention for very long. It doesn’t take advantage of the capabilities of the Wii as far as interactivity. It would play just as well on any platform, in fact they also have a version for the DS. There is also an abundance of reading that is required in order to proceed in the game. I took for granted that I can read above a 6th grade level, but the little kid I was playing with got frustrated because he didn’t understand a lot of the text and walked away in a huff.

The game is really targeted at a young audience. For those in the teens and up, the puzzles are too simplistic, and the game almost plays itself, since it basically points you in the right direction leaving you only the correct choice to make. This is great for young ones who like puzzles, but need a little help along the way. In fact it is a bit like a virtual comic book, you can’t change the direction of the story, but you get to experience it for yourself. There is also a very strong “cute” factor, which will draw puzzle-solving little girls or boys into the game.


If you are looking for a family game that kids will enjoy and the parents will actually be able to be involved, this is the one. It will really help them learn how to solve puzzles at a young age and be good trainer for more involved and complex games in later years.It is rated “E” for everyone, with just a little “comic mischief.” And it sells for around $50.

The Good: Well done graphics. Ideal for those just beginning to enjoy solving puzzles. Very “cute.”

The Bad: A bit simplistic and repetitive. Could have made better use of the Wii interface. Too much reading for younger kids could leave them frustrated if they can’t figure it out words on their own.