Mypage Makes it Easy for Kids to Create Websites and Cover them with Kidgets

mypagemypage.it is a new website being launched as the safe social network for kids aged 5-13 with Parental Control, which allows parents to constantly supervise all of their kids’ activities on the website guaranteeing a totally safe environment for kids to play, share and connect online. Originating from Italy, mypage.it is a website that allows kids to create your own web pages, decorate and cover it with Kidgets (kids equivalent to widgets) online games, videos, polls, and much more.. the site is also a network of websites and blogs entirely dedicated to kids and families, like www.kidsearch.it, the safe search engine for kids, and www.kidcloud.it, the directory of safe websites for younger kids, and www.kidzmodo.com, a blog about generation Z and new technologies. Like any other web page, your child will have a web address, all they have to do is choose a nickname and design away. And best of all, the services are free!