Littlest Pet Shop Friends (Beach, Country and City) DS Review

lpsoOh, Littlest Pet Shop, how you torture us with your cuteness. The latest chapters in the new Littlest Pet Shops for Nintendo DS are Littlest Pet Shop Friends Beach, Country, and City. All separate games all equally adorable. The latest LPS games give you a choice from a great cityscape, nice open countryside or the relaxing beach to choose from, but no matter which you choose your child will easily get their pet shop fix.

ds_screen_4In each title you get to explore different pet houses and shops, and most of all, connect with your pet friends. There are lots of little games that you play within the game, and as you play and beat them you earn kibble coins. These can be used to go shopping in the different pet boutiques so you can buy accessories. Some of the accessories include sunglasses, hats, and collars. You can play games to prepare for different parties for your friends. Some of the games you can play require you to use your stylus to pick a pet and color them in. You are scored on neatness and color matching. There is also ring dings where you use the stylus to toss different rings onto different markers. How many points you receive, depends on the marker that the ring lands on.

Overall, these newest additions are identical to every other Littlest Pet Shop game, except they introduce a bear and a caterpillar as new friends. The graphics have not changed or improved, but the beach background was represented the best. The controls are very easy and straight forward for gamers of any age. You do have the option to play Wi-Fi on multiplayer. This can be good for the party or carnival section of the game.  Die-hard LPS fans will love these newest additions to the Littlest Pet Shop line-up, but for the casual LPS gamer just one of these will suffice. The Littlest Pet Shop Friends Country, Beach, and City retails each for $29.99 at Amazon.

The Good: Littlest Pet Shop fans will probably want this just to add to their collection, there are Mini games galore and the animal cuteness levels will make you squeal.

The Bad: The only difference between the games is the introduction of two new characters, Mini-games and story is the same as all previous versions which may give parents a reason not to buy the same thing again.