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Junior 35MPH Classic Corvette is Perfect for Richie Rich

CorvetteWell this isn’t your typical Power Wheels for kids. No the Junior 35 MPH Classic Corvette from Hammacher Schlemmer is probably more appropriate for Donald Trump’s kids because it costs $32,000! The 2/3-scale, gasoline-powered replica of a 1956 Corvette C1, can reach a maximum speed of 35 mph. The racer is powered by a 6.9 hp, 107cc four-stroke engine that uses a gallon of unleaded gasoline. It has automatic transmission; a single shifter controls forward, neutral, and backward movement. If you have this kind of cash lying around, I would suggest just putting it towards a real car instead of one that your kids will grow out of like a pair of shoes…

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    35 miles per hour and gas powered?!?!? Well this little man is going to be driving himself to work because someone has got to pay for the gas!

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